Full name: Stefano Zacchiroli
Email address: zack@debian.org
Homepage: http://upsilon.cc/~zack

Hi, I'm Zack, a Debian Developer maintaining ... stuff. I've been an early adopter of Subversion for Debian maintenance and I'm now moving to git.

In Debian I've also been one of the first pushing for the usage of VCSs for easing collaboration among developers. For instance I'm campaigning for using open ACLs on alioth.debian.org for enabling commit access to all Debian Developers. This, paired with debcheckout, can give us a much more lightweight collaboration workflow when compared to plain old NMU.

This is also the main aspect I'm interested in for vcs-pkg: how it can help collaborations among distro developers, by lowering the sense of package "ownership" which is still quite high in Debian.

Also, in the maintenance of OCaml-related stuff we are actively collaborating with the Fedora guys exchanging patches, how this kind of exchanges can be made easier by $DVCS is an intriguing topic as well.